Car Equipment

  Ford TransitMercedes SprinterPeugeot BoxerRenault Master
Length(mm) 6199619861986198
Height (mm) 2496249624962496
Width (mm) 2070207020702070
Engine's type four-stroke diesel with turbocharger and intercooler
Work space (sm3) 2299229922992299
Engine power 125125125125
Type of drive fwdfwdfwdfwd
Transmission 6 MT6 MT6 MT6 MT
ABS ++++
EBA ++++
ASR ++++

Car Features

The base vehicle:
  • Citroen Jumper
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Renault Master
Medical saloon:
  • Noise and vibration insulation
  • Heat insulation
  • The interior walls and ceiling are covered with aluminum sandwich panel (medicine and detergent sanitizer resistant, with a smooth surface, does not absorb odors)
Medical saloon floor:
  • Medical compartment floor is covered with waterproof, anti-slip, anti-static covering, resistant to detergents and disinfectants
  • The border to the bottom of the side panels of the aluminum bracket, height 35 mm.
  • All the joints are waterproofed
  • Door with sliding window, set between driver’s and medical saloon
Medical saloon windows:
  • Rear doors with windows
  • Saloon side door with a sliding window
  • Satin finished glass in the installed windows
  • Ceiling handrails are along the stretchers support
  • Side entrance door handle
Heating and Ventilation:
  • webasto
  • Air circuit ventilation system
Electrical equipment:
  • Interior lamp (9 pcs.)
  • Side doors interior lamp
  • Rear doors interior lamp
  • 12V Sockets for medical equipment power supply (4 pcs.)
  • 220V Sockets for medical equipment power supply (2 pcs.)
  • Inverter 12 -220V
  • Battery charger
  • Disjunction for external power input 220V
  • Cable for power input 220V
  • Portable projector with rechargeable battery
Oxygen supply system:
  • Oxygen pipe under the saloon covering
  • Oxygen cylinder, 10 L capacity (1 pcs.)
  • Air gear system (1 pcs.)
  • Oxygen socket with quick-disconnect coupling
Ambulance seats, medical saloon seats:
  • Right hand seat with a swiveling mechanism
  • Seat at the head of stretcher with a swiveling mechanism
  • Bench on the right side
Medical furniture:
  • Medical furniture with oxygen on the left side of the ambulance
  • Mounting brackets for medical equipment, mounted on the furniture
Additional equipment:
  • Fire extinguisher with 2L capacity, located in the driver's saloon
  • Fire extinguisher 2L capacity, located in the medical saloon
  • Set of the operational documentation
  • Manufacturer VIN number
Stretchers and stretcher support:
  • Multifunctional transportation stretchers
  • Stretcher support
Type C – reanimobile, aimade to provide medical care, performed by critical care team or brigade of special medical aid, transportation and condition monitoring of patients, which are in emergency or critical state.

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